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Studio Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee

$45 per dancer

+ First Months Tuition Due At Registration

Monthly Tuition

Starting at

$65 per month

Due on the 1st of each Month


Multi-dancer Families: Sibling hours can be combined to calculate total monthly tuition.


*Twinkle Star Classes cannot be combined for multi-class discounts.

Registration Fee + First Monthly Tuition is due at Enrollment. 

Christmas Recital
Costume Fees


Rental Fee:

$45 per costume

Due in September

Dancer's will rent a studio costume to wear for the Christmas performance. Each dancer will be charged one rental fee per enrolled class. Turning Pointe will keep all Christmas Costumes  at the end of the show. Costume Rental fees include the use of a Turning Pointe costume, administrative hours involved with fitting dancers, organizing and transporting costumes.

*Dancers must be enrolled by October 1 in order to perform in the Christmas Recital.

Spring Recital

Costume Fee:


$100 per costume

Due in November

or due at enrollment if enrolling after December 1.

Costume Fees will increase after January 1 ($120) as we will have to apply rush shipping in order for costumes to arrive in time for Recital.

Each dancer will be charged for one costume per class. Costumes for the Spring Recital are ordered in December and will arrive early/mid Spring.

*Dancers must be enrolled by January 31 in order to perform in the Spring Recital.

*Dancers will KEEP their Spring Recital Costume.

Spring Recital Costume Fees

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